Lego Shop Usability Study

Project Ask

BCG Digital Ventures, working with Lego, approached the Experience Design team at HYFN with a request to design and conduct a large scale, global usability across five regions. BCGDV & Lego looked to our team to help identify potential issues with the proposed design for the Lego Shop's usability, information architecture, navigation, and ease of use. In response, we developed a prototype and test protocol based on critical task flows defined in collaboration with their team. 

My Responsibilities

  • Collaborated with the client to define task flows for the usability study

  • Sliced and prepared assets for the development team

  • Provided on-going support and consultation throughout prototype development

  • Moderated 1-on-1, face-to-face usability tests lasting up to 60-minutes

  • Created deliverables for all UX design work including testing protocols, crib sheets, raw data, and final analysis

The Challenges

  • Prototype originally started in Axure, but due to late delivery of assets our team had to pivot to an HTML prototype based on pre-existing pattern library project developed by HYFN

  • Difficulty finding and recruiting Adult Fans of Lego for the study

  • Tight project timeline

The Results

HYFN's Experience Design team met with 94-participants in a one-to-one, face-to-face moderated usability test in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Munich, and London. During the study, we asked participants to perform key tasks using the prototype for the redesigned Lego Shop experience. The study was based on the following format:

  1. Pre-test interview

  2. Task-based usability test of the Lego Shop prototype (based on user type)

  3. Satisfaction survey

  4. Task-based usability test of the live Lego Shop website

  5. Satisfaction survey

  6. Closing Questions

Participants were asked to perform tasks on either a desktop computer, iPad, or iPhone, according to their user type and protocol task flow. The screen of each device and the participant’s face was recorded on video. Eye tracking was recorded using the Tobii X2-60 on desktop only.

The Team

  • Producer: Bryan Bernal

  • UX Direction: John Sulaitis

  • UX Design: Jackie Eaton

  • Development: Owen Masback



Desktop, Tablet, Mobile


  • User Flows

  • Prototyping

  • Usability Study


  • Omnigraffle

  • Photoshop

  • Usability Lab

  • iPhone

  • iPad

  • Desktop

  • Tobii Eye Tracker


Samples of Process & Work