Marc Jacobs Screaming Queens Web App

Project Ask

Marc Jacobs approached the creative and tech teams at HYFN with a request to design a custom piece of creative content using an original art print from the Marc Jacobs Screaming Queen Dress. In response, we created a multi-platform "photo booth" experience that would make the user's face a part of the original artwork that inspired the Marc Jacobs 2016 collection.

My Responsibilities

  • Created deliverables, presented, and gathered feedback for all UX design work

  • Provide on-going support and consultation throughout design & development

The Challenges

  • Short project timeline

  • Design constrained by limited control of native iOS functionality

  • Environmental considerations such as personal use, in-store, and event experiences

  • Designing for the need to optimize the work flow to move participants using shared devices quickly through the experience

The Results

In creating a web-based application for use in retail environments–as well as at events and across the web–the main challenge of the project was to take a multi-step process, modeled after the experience of a photo booth, and distill it into something frictionless and enjoyable.

This heavily informed our design decisions, inspiring deliberately visual step-by-step directions to guide users through the process of taking multiple selfies in the final output. Keeping in mind that the user would be passed to and from the web-based application and the device's native camera, we included tips and hints for the user on how the photos should be taken. We also included visual examples of what each suggested pose should look like in order to guide users through the process with minimal friction.

In the end, we created an engaging interactive experience that elevated and integrated the brand message while giving users unique, personalized print to keep and share with others.

The Team

  • Creative Direction: Scott Mallone

  • Client Services: Love Streams

  • Producer: Kim Howe

  • Art Direction: Brett Beynon

  • Design: Geoff Roseborough

  • UX Design: Jackie Eaton

  • Development: Shaun Collins



Desktop, Tablet, Mobile


  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • User Flows

  • Sketching

  • Medium Fidelity Wireframes


  • Whiteboard Sketching

  • Omnigraffle

  • Sketch App

  • InVision


Samples of Process & Work